Shimano catalogue 2016 out now!

Welcome to the 2016 Shimano Catalogue.

As one of the world’s leading fishing tackle companies, Shimano is committed to designing, developing and delivering excellent products across all fishing disciplines. At all price levels, from the most technologically advanced, to starter level, you will find Shimano products that offer outstanding value and performance.

This year sees many new products across all ranges, with specific focus on HAGANE. HAGANE is part of Shimano’s DNA. HAGANE is the manufacturing capability of Shimano, which sets Shimano apart from the competition.

HAGANE allows reels to withstand long devoted use through toughness, precision engineering and innovation. The durability, smoothness and strength of the gearing (HAGANE Gear), efficient power transmission (X-SHIP) and the incredibly rigid reel body (HAGANE Body) creates the heart of HAGANE.

For anglers wanting to experience the benefits of HAGANE, the new award winning Stradic FK is the reel everyone is talking about. Voted ‘Best Freshwater Reel’ at the prestigious ICAST exhibition, the Stradic FK is the perfect example of Shimano’s outstanding design and engineering capability.

New models have also been added throughout the rod ranges for 2016, with specific models now making use of Nanoalloy. This technology produces a lighter, stronger, more responsive blank and is particularly beneficial for distance casting rods like the new TX9 carp rod and the Power Aero surf rod. To satisfy the ever increasing demand across Europe for rods designed for ‘Commercial’ type carp waters, the new Beastmaster Commercial range has been designed by Shimano UK Pro Anglers. For more traditional float and feeder fishing the Beastmaster AX float and DX feeder models are sure to be as popular as their predecessors.

Another ICAST Product Showcase winner was the new Power Pro Maxcuatro. This highly technical braid is actually 25% thinner than normal braided lines, which brings two noticeable benefits. Firstly, you can now fish with a thinner line for the same given strength, which increases casting performance and presentation. Secondly, for salt-water game anglers, you can now get more braid onto the spool, which is very important when using ultra-strong braid up to 50+kg in strength.

This catalogue is the first Shimano European catalogue to feature G.Loomis rods. Part of the Shimano corporation, G.Loomis is one of the world’s most respected rod brands and we have selected a range of models suitable for the European predator and fly fishing angler. The EX6 predator rods where also ICAST Product Showcase winners, so you can be sure that they are at the very leading edge of design and technology.

Finally, at the rear of the catalogue you will see that Shimano have produced a Fish Shimano app. This is a great resource for anglers and has many benefits including a logbook to record your captures and a share facility directly linking to social media.

Innovation, quality and value. Shimano delivers all three through its extensive product ranges covering the needs of all anglers, from the most advanced to the least experienced.

Shimano... it’s wonderful fishing.