Yasei - Born to be wild

Yasei - Born to be Wild

By Shimano Pro Staff Jürgen Haese

‘Yasei’ means wild in Japanese. As wild as the fish we are chasing. Wild as the fishermen, casting the whole day, trying every lure they can find in their boxes, tracking their target-fish from one water to another. We want those anglers to benefit from the Yasei Concept, providing them with specically designed one-purpose-rods.

A rod range for specialists and special disciplines. No matter if you are a finesse expert targeting perch and trout, or a pike angler willing to cast large lures in order to catch your fish, you will find the right rod within the Yasei range. Dropshot, worm, vertical, hardbait, casting, creek, river and salt water models for trout, perch, asp, zander, pike or sea bass are all available. Choose out of two ranges that vary in design (white or red), features and price.


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