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Rod holdalls

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Rod holdalls
Quick View SHOL08_v1_m56577569830909780.png Tribal Compact Rod Sleeve

2, 3 and 4 rod fully padded holdalls with external attachment of an additional Spod and Marker rod also features the Aero Quiver System for attachment of other sleeves or bags in the range.

Quick View SHOL12_v1_m56577569830909783.png Tribal Rod Quiver

Multi rod quiver, supplied with 3 x 12ft sleeves and a large full zip bivvy bag. Aero Quiver enables the sleeves to be useable without the bivvy bag attached.

Quick View XTR_protector_rod_sleeves_v1_m56577569831034682.png Tribal XTR Protector Rod Sleeves

Hard shell protector sleeve that protects made-up rods during transportation. All three models can accomodate 12'-13' rods.

Quick View XTR_protector_rod_sleeve_v1_m56577569831034681.png Tribal XTR Protector Rod Sleeve

Unique rod sleeve that protects made-up rods during transportation. Adjustable length top system accomodates 10'-11' (104) and 12'-13'(105) rods.

Quick View XTR_rod_quiver_v1_m56577569831034684.png Tribal XTR 6 Rod Quiver

Versatile rod storage system that can accommodate up to 6 rod sleeves (3 supplied) plus bivvy, landing net and long accessory items.

Quick View Rod_case_straight_155_v1_m56577569831035987.png Rod Case Straight 155

Reinforced and waterproof casing to protect up to 2 rods

Quick View Rod_sleeve_def_v1_m56577569831035981.png Tribal Rod Sleeve

Unique rod sleeves with adjustable tops suitable for 10-11' rods or 12-13' rods. Designed to be used individually or with the Tribal Rod Quiver.