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JDM wear

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Quick View 4x3_RA014M_v1_m56577569830934346.jpg RA-014M Gore-tex Suit Olive

Waterproof suit with excellent comfort and breathability

Quick View 4x3_RA034N_v1_m56577569830934351.jpg RA-034N Marine Light Suit Red-Navy

Easy to clean suit with cushion pad to protect the seat area

Quick View 4x3_RA22JN_v1_m56577569830934352.jpg RA-22JN Xefo Gore-Tex Jacket Navy-Lime

The Xefo jacket provides excellent mobility and comfort and great ventilation.

Quick View 4x3_RA024N_v1_m56577569830934347.jpg RA-024N Dryshield XT Suit Black

Sporty black suit for severe fishing conditions

Quick View 4x3_RA024N_BLBD_v1_m56577569830934348.jpg RA-024N Dryshield XT Suit Blue Blood

Blue version of the Dryshield XT suit, developed for severe fishing conditions

Quick View 4x3_RA026N_BY_v1_m56577569830934349.jpg RA-026N Dryshield Suit Bright Yellow

Suit for various kinds of fishing situations, provides excellent mobility and comfort while keeping you dry.

Quick View 4x3_RA026N_CRD_v1_m56577569830934350.jpg RA-026N Dryshield Suit Red

Red version of the Dryshield suit, offers breathability and water resistance.

Quick View 4x3_SH090N-NV_v1_m56577569830934353.jpg SH-090N Full Zip Shirt Long Sleeve Navy

Comfortable jacket to protect against UV

Quick View 4x3_SH094GY_v1_m56577569830934354.jpg SH-094N Polo Shirt Short Sleeve Silver Grey

Short sleeve polo with UV protection

Quick View 4x3_SH099NTG_v1_m56577569830934356.jpg SH-099N Airventi Shirt Grey

Stylish shirt which offers great ventilation

Quick View 4x3_SH296N-BK_v1_m56577569830934357.jpg SH-296N T-Shirt Sea Bass Black

Black t-shirt with Sea Bass print

Quick View 4x3_SH296N-GO_v1_m56577569830934358.jpg SH-296N T-Shirt Hirame Gold

Gold coloured t-shirt with fish print