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Big Pit/Surf

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Big Pit/Surf reels
Quick View aero_technium_mgs_xsb_v1_m56577569830902872.png Aero Technium XS-B Magnesium

Shimano's award winning Aero Technium MgS XS-B is smoother, lighter and stronger than the original. Its Magnesium body and rotor helps keep the weight of the reel down to an ultra light 440g.

Quick View aero_technium_xsc_v1_m56577569830902874.png Aero Technium XS-C

This reel benefits from a whole host of features such as Shimano's X-Ship, which help to ensure that the reel has plenty of cranking power even under extreme pressure.

Quick View ultegra_ci4_xsb_v1_m56577569830902937.png Ultegra CI4+ XS-B

Shimano's Ultegra XS-B utilises ultra lightweight CI4+ material to create an extremely light instant drag reel that benefits from a compact body and an oversized spool.

Quick View beastmaster_xsa_v1_m56577569830902889.png Beastmaster XS-A

An extremely robust reel, suited to all forms of fishing when distance is required.

Quick View 4x3_speedcast_xsb_v1_m56577569830985972.png Speedcast XS-B

This high specificaton casting reel offers beach anglers a reel capable of extreme distances at an affordable price.

Quick View 4x3_ultegra_xsd_v1_m56577569831018350.png Ultegra XS-D

Packed with unique features like X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation 50, Aero Wrap II and Instant Drag the angler can be confident to challenge the biggest saltwater fish out there.

Quick View 4x3_aerlex_xsb_v1_m56577569831028017.png Aerlex XSB

The New Aerlex series with their new cosmetic design have been designed for the heavy duty work. Whether its carp or surf fishing, with Aero Wrapp II, 2 speed Oscillation and AR-C spool they can produce excellent casting capabilities. The Spod version with a 5,3:1 ratio and a massive 115 cm retrieve can really make light work of all spodding activities.

Quick View super_aero_surf_leader_ci4_4x3_v1_m56577569830930217.jpg Super Aero Surf Leader CI4+ SD

Designed for ultra long range casting, the Super Aero Surf Leader CI4+ SD has an ultra light CI4+ body making it one of the lightest on the market.

Quick View 4x3_fliegen_sd_v1_m56577569831052318.png Fliegen SD

This eye-catching surf reel is designed to be both light and strong.