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Quick View aspire_ultra_pole_v1_m56577569830908661.png Aspire Ultra AX

Shimano's flagship pole built on the GEN X mandrel with the very best HPC500LRC Biofibre carbon. Strong yet super lightweight.

Quick View super_ultegra_pole_v1_m56577569830908783.png Super Ultegra AX

An extremely well balanced pole utilising HPC300LRC carbon with added Biofibre. This is a true all rounder performer at an attractive price from the Gen X stable.

Quick View beastmaster_ax_commercial_pole_v1_m56577569830908666.png BeastMaster AX Commercial

A stiff yet lightweight Carp and big fish pole, Built on the GEN X specification for compatibility with other models.

Quick View exage_pole_v1_m56577569830908732.png Exage CX

An excellent allround pole that offers exceptional weight, strength and stiffness at an affordable price.

Quick View tiagra_ultra_trolling_v1_m56577569830908797.png Tiagra Ultra A Trolling

The Tiagra Ultra A Trolling is built using an ultra thin, light blank, with all the strength required from a state of the art trolling rod.

Quick View tiagra_ultra_standup_v1_m56577569830908796.png Tiagra Ultra A Stand-up

Incorporating a top of the range carbon exclusive to Shimano, the weight of the Tiagra is seriously reduced and dramatically improves the overall feel the of the rod.

Quick View catana_pole_v1_m56577569830908718.png Catana

A superb value pole that is just as well suited to commercial fisheries as it is natural waters.

Quick View 4x3_tx9_v1_m56577569830986800.png Tribal TX9

One of the slimmest, most powerful blanks ever made, the perfect balance between casting performance and playing action.

Quick View 4x3_power_aero_surf_xtrc_v1_m56577569830986792.png Power Aero Surf XTR-B & XTR-C

The Power Aero Surf has enormous power, which will satisfy the most experienced distance casters.

Quick View GenX_v1_m56577569830908744.png Gen-X Kit

Gen-X top kits are compatible with Shimano's top of the range poles.

Quick View fireblood_feeder_v1_m56577569830908736.png Fireblood Feeder

The Fireblood Feeder offers outstanding performance combined with stunning black and red graphics. It is both very light and extremely responsive, making it perfect for top match anglers who want the best actions available.

Quick View lesath_bx_powergame_v1_m56577569830908748.png Lesath BX Power Game

An extremely heavy-duty spinning rod built on a HPC400 carbon + Biofibre blank, designed for targeting the largest of saltwater predators.