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Spinning fresh water

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Spinning rods
Quick View lesath_cx_v1_m56577569830908749.png Lesath CX Spinning

The Lesath is built on an ultra lightweight, slim HPC400LRC blank, creating a rod with increased sensitivity.

Quick View antares_dx_v1_m56577569830908655.png Antares DX Spinning

The Antares HPC200 + Biofibre blank creates a fast progressive action suitable for a wide range of spinning techniques.

Quick View beastmaster_dx_v1_m56577569830908679.png Beastmaster DX Spinning-Casting

The Beastmaster's blank produces a fast tip and progressive middle action for improved casting and fish-playing performance.

Quick View aernos_v1_m56577569830908633.png Aernos Spinning

The Aernos's cosmetics matchup with the Aernos reels perfect, creating the perfect partnership. The rod features a full cork handle and Fuji guides.

Quick View catana_dx_spinning_v1_m56577569830913921.png Catana DX Spinning

XT30/40 + Geofibre blank gives the Catana DX powerful back-bone and strength.

Quick View vengeance_bx_v1_m56577569830908833.png Vengeance BX Spinning

The Vengeance BX is an affordable rod that has a fast progressive action making it perfect for many different lure angling styles.

Quick View alivio_dx_v1_m56577569830908647.png Alivio DX Spinning

Shimano's entry level spinning rod featuring Hard Lite guides and a full cork handle.

Quick View sustain_v1_m56577569830908791.png Sustain Spinning

The Sustain is built on a HPC200 + Biofibre blank for a fast and responsive action. The rods cosmetics also match perfectly with our Sustain reels.

Quick View biomaster_v1_m56577569830908691.png Biomaster Spinning

The Biomaster's HPC100 + Biofibre blank produces a lightweight responsive action with high performance characteristics.

Quick View stradic_v1_m56577569830908779.png Stradic Spinning

Lightweight, strong HPC100 + Biofibre carbon blank finished in pearlescent white making it the perfect partner for our Stradic reels.

Quick View aernos_eva_v1_m56577569830908634.png Aernos Spinning

Built on a superb lightweight blank with an extra fast action, the Aernos is the perfect tool for many lure fishing styles.

Quick View catana_cx_telespin_v1_m56577569830913922.png Catana CX Telespin

The Catana's reduced transporting length makes the Tele-spin ideal for the travelling and roving angler.