50lb mirror for Macmillan

Iain Macmillan

14 November 2014

Shimano’s Iain Macmillan has been in contact to let us know about a stunning 53lb 12 mirror gracing his net. The awesome creature turned out to be the only fish landed from the lake during his stay!

Iain baited up his swim with a few kilo of Dynamite’s Monster Tiger Nut 18mm boilies, as well as a scattering of Frenzied Hempseed and Corn to attract the carps attention. The successful hookbait was a 10mm White Source Fluro Pop-Up.

Iain had this to say about the trip…


“It was the only fish caught during our stay and I also managed to loose a big fish later in the week. Due to the incredible amount of weed in the lake the fishing was extremely difficult, in fact I’ve never fished a water so weedy!

This made the fishing a lot more challenging and in all honesty a lot more rewarding the when the big one slipped into the net. I’m certainly looking forward to getting back out there, the average size of the fish present is phenomenal!”

Iain’s tackle consisted of 12ft 3.25lb Tribal Supressa’s, Ultegra Ci4 14000 XTB’s and 16lb Aero Flourocarbon mainline. He then presented his Source Flouro hookbait on his favoured naked chod rig to help him get around the weed.