Big barbel trio for Darran Goulder

Darran Goulder

7th November 2014

Specimen hunter Darran Goulder got his first river session of the season off to a terrific start when he tackled the mighty river Wye for its barbel. Not only did he get amongst plenty of fish, but three fish included in his catch topped the 10lb mark, not an easy fish to achieve on this river!

Here he takes up the story…

It was the first time I’d tackled running water this season, which tied in with our annual break to the Wye. A weekend here is like a detox; I don’t think there is a better looking fishery in the country! The conditions were spot on, thankfully the levels were approx 2-3ft up, very coloured, and aside from the enormous amount of debris being washed downstream, you couldn’t of written for a better scene.

I chose to fish a 4oz openend feeder this side of the main flow, packed full of Robin Red Pellets and plugged with the Source ground bait. Instead of fishing back leads etc, a 3ft coated 15lb hook link was fished in conduction with a size 6 hook, where two 10mm Source boilies wrapped in paste made the hook bait.

large bow of mainline payed out after casting, meant the fish could not come into contact with the 12lb Tribal Carp mainline. The feeder, which was recast every 15 minutes to start with and then about 45 minutes thereafter, didn’t often settle for long before the flavour trail was being investigated by the a hard fighting Barbel.

I had 9 Barbel, with the best 3 going 10lb 3oz, 10lb 8oz and 10lb 10oz. Most of the others were approx 5lb - 7lb. Now the weather has turned and the leaves are starting to fall, it’s time for me to spend a lot more time on the Rivers.