Jake Lund Targets New Water

Jake Lund


Shimano's Jake Lund recently joined a new syndicate water and didn't take long getting amongst a few of its residents...

"December had come round and the syndicate I had been fishing had shut up shop. I did 5 nights over a couple of weeks and didn't even see a sign of a carp. This got me thinking that I needed to target somewhere else over the winter period.

As I knew I wasn't going to have much time due to work and Christmas plus other commitments I wanted to target somewhere with a good head of fish!

Luckily I managed to get a two month winter ticket on swan valley, an amazing venue with a extremely good head of carp to target. I had fished two 12-hour sessions on there in the past when a friend of mine who guested me on, during which I was fortunate enough to catch fish weighing 37lb on both occasions!


My first session on my winter ticket this year was a 48-hour trip. Good friend Daryn and I headed down early on the Friday and to our amazement the lake was empty! We had a good few walks around but didn’t see any signs of fish so we set up in the middle of the main lake where we could cover a lot of water. Not only this but by fishing the island bank we could keep an eye on the two bays behind us.

We didn't see or hear any carp all day; in fact it wasn't until 9.30pm when we heard one bosh out to our left. We tried to see exactly where it was; quickly running down the bank but sadly it was too foggy to work out. We heard a couple more that night but still couldn't work out where they were showing. At around 7:30am we saw a fish leap right out of the water in the area they were showing the previous evening, I knew Daryn wanted to move onto it and he knew I did as well. What I did next was rather cheeky, instead of flipping a coin like normal I said if it lumps out again well move round there, 10 minutes later I had sneaked round and jump in the swim where the fish had shown, Daryn soon noticed and called me, the conversation went something like 'you sneaky bloody beep beep beep' luckily we're mates and he saw the funny side, well I hope so anyway! 


The day was uneventful it wasn't until midnight when my left hand rod pulled round out of the blue. I was weeded up from the off and shortly after I had a massive bundle of weed in my net, I doubted there was a carp inside but after digging through the weed I found a nice little character sulking in the bottom of it, she went 24lb. I was happy to be off the mark that’s for sure! I got a bit more light hearted stick from Daryn after I'd woke him up to tell him about it!

I did two more overnighters over the next couple of weeks, but sadly I couldn't get where I wanted to be, then I was ill and couldn't get down for a week. After that the lake froze over which really ruined my plans. My next sesson, I aimed to get down the lake at 2pm but got stuck in a horrible traffic jam. 3 hours later I was at the lake and stressing out as I had about 10 minutes of daylight left. Luckily I got where I wanted to be and I knew where I wanted to cast, plus my rigs were all tied ready to go. In fact I don't think I have ever got my rods out so quick in all my life! I was feeling confident but I wasn't expecting what happened next…

20-minutes after getting the rods out my right hand rod pulled tight, fish on! All the stress of sitting in traffic for 3 hours was soon forgotten! After a spirited battle, Daryn came round and kindly slipped the net under a nice mirror! She went 26.12oz and was a right result! I was made up as I knew it was going to be the last session on swan before my ticket run out.