Jan Porter checks out the Yasei Vertical Jigging

Jan Porter

2nd December 2014

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Jan Porter checks out some of out hottest new gear at Rutland Water nr Oakham and get's more than a little whimsical.

"Sometimes angling is just about 'being there' on a beautiful day, in great company surrounded by nature at it's finest". Add to the mix the New Yasei 6' 6” Medium/Heavy one piece Vertical Jigging rod armed with the new Ci4 Rarenium reel, a gorgeous sunset, zeds biting all day & things become magical.

It's hard to describe how good this gear is, you’ve really got to try it to believe, but I've been a huge fan of the ultra light Ci4 reel body and rotor materials since it was launched across many of my angling disciplines. The difference it makes to the overall 'feel' in terms of sensitivity is remarkable, you can fish all day long with much less effort which helps to deliver a quicker strike response to the tiniest nips of the lure.

As for the Yasei 6’ 6” MH VJ, we are no strangers, I used one of Willem Stolk's in this years World Predator Classic Event, it was exactly what I’ve been searching for in a one piece fast action vertical jigging rod. The blank features a crisp but mellow soft tip and plenty of backbone, both essential features for this specialised kind of angling when using larger jighead hooks that need setting hard.

Once a fish is hooked the fast taper delivers a smooth playing action with plenty to spare when the fish lunges especially near the landing net. The mega short ergonomic handle means you can work the rod in many different style without the butt getting in the way, due to the length of this rod balance isn’t compromised by the additional of a reel, especially if it’s made from Ci4.

I particularly like the rods white sight marker, which makes a focal point and helps concentration when the fish/bites are few and far between, it also shows up with a headtorch when fishing into dusk which is an added bonus for perch and zander anglers.

All in all the Yasei 6’ 6” MH VJ rod is a very high quality product and I love it, as for the new Rarenium reels they are simply in a class of there own, did I mention smooth as silk too?

Using Shimano tackle of this exceptional quality always enhances many angling situations, I firmly believe. This sublime set up has certainly has improved my bite to fish ratio, delivers an unparalleled ease of use and will always adds more than a little extra sparkle to the session.

You can check out this rod and reel right here...

Yasei Vertical Jigging

Rarenium Ci4

Go on treat yourself!!

Good luck & great angling!

Jan Porter

Shimano UK Senior Consultant