Matt Rand targets Fenland Gold

Matt Rand

18th July 2014

I’m very lucky that my home area of the Fens is prolific when it comes to shoals of large, beautiful rudd. The nice thing is, rather than just one waterway holding them to specimen sizes, the truth is absolutely any water could throw up an enormous fish for the angler willing to take up the challenge of tracking one down. This is the single biggest problem however when it comes to rudd fishing the Fenland waterways, tracking them down can take hours and even when you find them a return visit to the same spot won’t necessarily mean they’ll still be in residence, so you really need to make the most of the session your on.


Rudd aren’t a species that require rocket science rigs once you’ve located them, although at times they can be quite spooky so stealth is without doubt key once you’ve found a shoal. A simple piece of floating or slow sinking breadflake is all you’ll ever need to trick one of these big golden bars into feeding, but as you’ll soon experience, there are plenty of other hurdles you need to get round before you even make a cast.


Be sure to scale down and stay mobile

Firstly, the weather plays a massive part when it comes to rudd location. If it’s dull, windy and rain is likely then it can be near on impossible to locate anything unless you have a rough idea. Unfortunately in the UK that type of weathers pretty much a given, so the window of opportunity is never that big.

The next biggest issue is without a doubt bankside access – if you’ve got issues with stinging nettles and thistles then this fishing isn’t for you! You will rarely find big rudd anywhere near a swim and generally you need to tread down a lot of stingers before you finally find what you’re looking for.

rudd brace.jpg
Big Rudd

Big rudd really can turn up anywhere, so never leave any stone unturned. Once you’ve found them you will more than likely find that they are quite catchable, taking a number from the shoal before they move on. By carrying on downstream you will often find that more of the shoal can be targeted as they seek sanctuary further away.

Shoals can sometimes be large with good numbers of big fish included, whilst at times they can be only 3-fish strong. The trick is to make the most of any chances you are presented with.

Travel light, stay mobile and take enough bread!