Sharking aboard Whitewater

Matt Rand

23rd August 2014

It’s a rather strange feeling when you set out to sea off the UK coast, knowing full well that you are about to do battle with one of the oceans greatest predators. That’s exactly what some of the Shimano UK team experienced recently, when we set out aboard Andrew Alsops Whitewater charter boat in search of sharks.


After the initial journey just to arrive at Milford Haven on the Welsh coast, a further 3-hour journey out on the boat meant that we had plenty of time to think about just what might be in store for us. The 40-miles we needed to travel to get to the mark were soon racked up with the help of Whitewaters twin 250bhp engines – you certainly knew you were moving! Throughout the journey Andrew told us countless stories of sharks that had hit the deck over the years and by the time we arrived we were more than ready to do battle with some of our own.

Shimano UK managing director Adam Nurse was first to experience the raw power of one of these impressive creatures, when within only 10-minutes of casting the rods into the chum line the first float slid out of site and the Tyrnos Multiplier went into melt down! After a fight that lasted around 15-minutes - but seemed a lot longer – the first shark of the day was brought aboard Whitewater, a cracking fish weighing well over 100lb and measuring over 7ft long.

Unlike the days of old when many shark were often brought back to dry land, it was a great experiencing watching these beautiful creatures swimming off strongly back out in the sea. It’s one thing holding a large pike by the wrist of the tail as it swims away, but holding on to the tail of a 7ft blue before it dashes off is something I’m sure none of us will forget.

As the day went on, the sharks just kept coming! I’m sure many people would struggle to believe just how good the fishing is out of the Welsh coast at the moment and truth be told the amazing thing about it is you really don’t know what’s going to pick up your baits next! Even though the primary species we were targeting were the Blues, there was always a chance of a big Portbeagle turning up and only last year Andrew helped boat the first Mako shark off the Welsh coast in years for one of his clients.


Adam's first shark of the trip


Richard Griffiths holds up his biggest of the day with Andrew


Dave Fryer had larger fish, but even smaller specimens like this one did their best to pull your arms out of their sockets!

By the end of the day, 14 sharks had been brought through the Whitewater doorway, with no fewer than 6 of them weighing over the 100lb mark. I was even lucky enough to land myself a biggie well over the magic ton and also added two smaller fish, including a tiny little 30lb’er.

All in all it was a great day spent doing something completely different and one that everyone should experience at least once. Although, if you’re anything like me you’ll want to experience it a lot more – I’ll be planning my next outing with Andrew very soon!

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My own monster of the deep!