Yasei AX Vertical Jigging

This lightweight rod is the perfect tool for vertical jigging. Using a combination of HPC100 and Biofibre, the weight of the rod is dramatically reduced without cutting down on the overall strength. The addition of micro Fuji Alconite K-type guides make sure that this rod remains extremely well balanced and also avoids unnecessary tangles that can often occur when using light braided reel lines. Balance weights are also included so that this rod can be fine tuned to sit perfectly in the hand with whichever reel you choose. The white mark below the tip guide indicates lure action and bites.
  • blank_construction_v1_m56577569830909651.png HPC100 & Biofibre
  • guide_rings_v1_m56577569830909652.png Fuji stainless steel K-type Alconite
  • reel_seat_v1_m56577569830909653.png Shimano woven carbon tube; trigger on Casting models
  • grips_v1_m56577569830909649.png Power Cork


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Product Specs

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Rod type Spinning
Lengths 1,85m
Actions MH - H
Blank material HPC100 & Biofibre
Reel seat Shimano woven carbon tube; trigger on Casting models
Guide type Fuji stainless steel K-type Alconite
Grip Power Cork
Packaging Velvet bag

Item code Length (m) Action Transport length (cm) Weight (g) Nr of guides Nr of sections Casting weight (g)
CYAAXVJH 1.85 H 185 130 12 1 14-35
CYAAXVJMH 1.85 MH 185 114 12 1 7-28
SYAAXVJH 1.85 H 185 132 8 1 14-35
SYAAXVJMH 1.85 MH 185 122 8 1 7-28