The baitcasting revolution is here!

Why choose a baitcasting reel?

We have noticed a growing trend on the predator scene across Europe from street fishing to jerk bait casting, Baitcasting reels, more so, low profile Baitcasting reels. So that brings the question, why choose a Baitcasting reel. Here we explain the main advantages.

There are two main reason to choose a Baitcasting reel, control and accuracy. In general Baitcasting reels have been for the more experienced angler who wants exceptional casting accuracy and precise lure control. This is because setting the breaking systems to the conditions is vital to avoiding tangles and gaining maximum distance. With a little practice anyone can use a Baitcasting reel effectively, Shimano Baitcasting reels have three main breaking systems all of which of very simple to use, one even adjusts for you every time you cast!

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  • The baitcasting revolution is here

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