OCEA Head Dip Flash Boost 140F

Originally developed to target the large yellowfin tuna of Sagami Bay in Japan, Ocea Head Dip is already a proven world-wide pelagic fish catcher. The AR-C / JET BOOST system delivers unrivalled distance casting performance to reach fish feeding on baitfish shoals at distance. The compact size of 140mm features the exclusive Shimano FLASH BOOST technology in the body for increased attraction and the head up buoyancy enables the lure to be hung in the surface layers whilst still flashing. To fool keen sighted fish, Shimano’s holographic Kyorin / SCALE BOOST scale pattern completes the attractive power of this innovative floating stickbait. The Ocea Head Dip comes equipped with two oversized 3/0 heavy duty saltwater treble hooks to cope with the hardest fighting fish.

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