Fish Shimano app!

A private logbook to track all your captures

Keep a track of all your captures with the private logbook of the Fish Shimano app. Simply store your pictures with details of your capture, including style of fishing and the species of the fish to build your own database of all your dream catches! Useful information such as weather conditions and location are automatically stored!

This app will help you catch more fish by building up a picture of your favorite venues. Keep track of where you caught the best fish, what are the best weather conditions in your area and which bait gives you the best results!

Want to show off to your friends? With the push of a button you can share the picture with the information you want on your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. And remember; it’s a private logbook so you decide what to share!

You choose what you want to be; the specialist angler who won’t reveal his hot spots or the social angler who want to share his fishing spots; it’s up to you!

And you can easily find your catches from the past with the filter options. This way you can choose which pictures you want to show to your friends. Ready to maintain your database at your computer? No problem! You can easily export all the data in an excel file to your computer.

Available for download: