Digital Control: Cast smarter

The Digital Control system is a waterproof, self-energizing system which is computer chip-controlled. It recharges with each cast and needs no battery or power source. During the initial moments of the cast, the energy generated by the rotation of the spool is stored in the Digital Control circuit board and powers the Digital Braking System on subsequent casts. During the cast, the Digital Braking system calculates and provides the optimal braking force. This revolutionary system makes accurate and big distance casting possible, while at the same time knots and bird nests will minimize. It anticipates hard casting conditions, like fishing in windy weather or casting very light baits. The DC system makes excellent casting very easy. 

Curado DC

The Curado DC is an unbeatable baitcasting reel for any angler, removing the need to understand the settings or physics behind baitcasting reels. The micro computer dose all this for you constantly, managing spools speed allowing you to concentrate on the important things like catching lumps. It also allows you to make super long casts without the risk of backlash and birds nests. You will have seen DC (Digital Control) reels before, however not at this price point. Entry level anglers will be skipping lures like a US bass professional  in no time. With its nice low profile that sits perfectly in the hand allowing repeated casting with minimal fatigue, this is a must have reel in every lure anglers line up!


The I-DC4 breakingsystem us an intelligent Digital Control braking system with an easy to use, 4 setting, externally adjustable brake dial. This will allow anglers to fish a wide variety of lures, in any conditions, with minimal adjustment to the reel.


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Metanium DC

The Metanium DC is the flagship model of the Shimano Europe baitcasting reels range. Besides the very impressive technology like 9+1 high quality bearings, X-Ship, HaganeBody, MicroModule, S3D spool, etc, is the biggest advantage of this reel in the braking unit. The braking is done with the digital I-DC5 system. In this braking system a computer chip is built which calculates 1000x per second the exact right braking power of the spool, during the cast. The angler only has to choose a pre-set (type of lure, type of line) and the reel will do all the braking for the angler. This results in: easy fishing, very far casting, less knots/birdnests and less problems in casting with crosswind or other though casting conditions! It’s an all-round baitcasting reel, capable of casting lures from 5 grams up to 80 grams easily. It’s perfect for blackbass fishing, pike fishing (up to medium sized lures) and zander/perch fishing with light lures. 


I-DC5 is the newest of DC brake systems. It has 2 sets of dial adjustment. 1. With the inside dial, you can select the type of line used. (1. Nylon, 2. Fluorocarbon, 3. Braided PE Line). The outside dial adjustment is based on the lure type. (1. Big Lures (18-30g), 2. Medium Lures (10-20g), 3. Small Lures (8-12g) & 4. Finesse Lures (5-8g)). There is also the ‘AUTO’ function, letting the onboard DC decide optimal brake setting. The I-DC5 breaking system uses more magnets to assist braking than the previous systems. With the additional of a ring magnet, brake force can be applied more evenly. This increases maximum spool revolution by 12% at the start of a cast.