Nasci: Born to Fish

We're excited to introduce you to the new NASCI spinning rod and reel! The Nasci rod and reel are developed with modern understated design, superb performance, and at a great price. If that's what you are looking for, YOU and the NASCI reel and rod will make a great combination. To get the best out of the new NASCI range, and be the envy of your mates, check out the easy to follow 'mix and match' rod and reel matrix on this page below.

  • Exceptionally well priced reels featuring some of Shimano's best design technology
  • Comprehensive range of predator rods with choices to suit all modern fishing styles
  • Understated monochromatic cosmetics combine for a great matching combo set-up
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Modern design follows latest visual trends for modern anglers

The new Nasci front drag reel range embraces modern design and visual trends, with Shimano's unrivalled engineering excellence. The understated, almost monochromic grey body features subtle chrome accents and fits perfectly alongside Shimano's latest reels, making the range a compelling proposition for anglers looking for a mid-priced reel.   

Shimano technology in action

In use, the unmistakable smoothness of HAGANE Gear and the reassuring torque and solidity of X-SHIP is immediately apparent, as the reel rotates with a whisper quiet hum and a directness that belies its remarkable value for money. In fact, even experienced anglers would struggle to rate the new NASCI as anything other than a higher-end reel, costing considerably more than its true price.   

NASCI features a wide range of impressive, proven technology, that will inspire anglers and increase confidence that they have made a wise choice. This technology includes the remarkable HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP combination, Coreprotect (IPX4 rated) water protection, G Free Body (made from lightweight CI4+) and usually found on the elite SHIMANO models, AR-C  Spool and S A-RB bearings for extended longevity and smoothness.

Commitment to the masses, it's all about choice 

Nasci comes in a full range of sizes proving SHIMANO'S commitment to providing anglers with the very best choice. The smallest 500 size is perfectly suited for lightweight 'Street' fishing, which is now very much in vogue with modern younger anglers. At the other end of the size scale, the powerhouse 5000 will cope with the largest lures, the largest waters and most importantly the largest fish.


Within the mid-sized models there are options of shallow spool models (great for braid), and high gear models for anglers who wants ultra fast retrieves. So, whatever the requirement there is something in the range for every angler.

Versatility comes as standard

Although the new NASCI will undoubtedly appeal to predator anglers, it should not be forgotten that the range is also perfectly suited to other forms of fishing. The super smooth front drag and understated looks will also find favour with anglers who fish feeders, floats and Bolognese methods, not forgetting inshore Saltwater lure anglers around the coasts of Europe and beyond.    

G Free Body technology has been developed to shift the reel’s centre of gravity closer to the rod. This has been achieved by moving the worm shaft oscillation mechanism 19mm from the bottom of the reel to the top. By moving the centre of gravity closer to the anglers hand position, the G Free Body helps to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort.

Shimano ARC Spool is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts. ARC spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind knots when using braid. 

CI4+ is an advanced version of the original CI4. This highly technical material is 2.5 times stiffer than CI4 and is used on many highend Shimano reels to increase weight savings. Use of CI4+ for the body and rotor also delivers remarkable stiffness for better reel efficiency.

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Nasci Spinning, it's the perfect match

The NASCI Spinning rod range takes inspiration from the NASCI reel, with understated elegance combined with unquestionable functionality. The satin grey carbon blanks are lightweight and responsive in feel and action, with the hidden strength Biofibre, and the additional power of Diaflash carbon wrapping on the butt section, which gives the rods a firmer low end feel, often associated with ultra high modulus carbon models. The custom designed reel seats are miniature works of art, combining engineered metal, carbon and composite to produce an ultra slim, assuring secure reel connection.

In use, all models cast with a crispness and accuracy expected of a premium priced rod and have the required actions for the methods and species they are intended for. Power in the butt when needed for casting, speed in the tip when required for ultra-fast hook-sets and finesse where sensitivity contributes to advanced fishing. These rods have it all and like the reel of the same name offer remarkable value for money.

For anglers wanting a balanced rod and reel set-up the Nasci reels and Nasci rods combine perfectly and complement each other in terms of looks, performance and price. They are proof that SHIMANO has the commitment, and capability, to bring high quality, great value products to the masses.    

DIAFLASH is a reinforced structure that prevents twisting of the butt section in situations where high-intensity is applied, for example during casting and fighting with fish. Due to the effect of DIAFLASH it becomes possible to convey the pulling power of the angler to the target fish while minimizing the loss of energy by flexing of the butt section.

Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.

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NASCI rods fish every bit as good as they look and they are available in two different actions. The medium/fast action (cork handle), will suit more traditional lure anglers and anglers who usually fish crank type baits using a constant, or stop/start retrieve. The fast action (EVA split grip handles), has a more contemporary look and the action is more suited to modern methods using plastic shads and lift and jerk retrieves, or dropshot methods, where the fast action puts more life into the lure.