Salt Water JDM Range 


  • Directly from Shimano JDM range, the new Lunamis is our high-end proposal for inshore spinning. Specifically developed to target seabass, this rod is a concentrate of Shimano’s latest technologies: an ultimate level of lightweight and sensitivity is reached thanks to Spiral X Core blank, Carbon Monocoque handle, Ci4+ Perfection reel seat and a combination of Shimano X Guide and Fuji Titanium SiC guides.


  • Dialuna is the ultimate JDM saltwater inshore rod. It has a technically advanced blank which is very strong, sensitive and light, making it perfect for its purpose: inshore distance fishing. The designed blanks feature Spiral X, Hi-Power X and Muscle Carbon technologies, the action is perfectly developed to progressively load the lure weight and release it with a fast recovery tip action. The blanks are equipped with Fuji SiC-S guides, the new Shimano Ci4+ Perfection reel Seat and EVA split grip, resulting in an extremely lightweight and sensitive rod (Taftec solid tip in S86-L model). If you’re looking for the perfect long-distance seabass rod, Dialuna is the one.