Coltsniper Rock Pop

The Coltsniper RockPop 90F is a 9cm long popper which is designed to trigger the SW pelagic hunting predators like seabass, bluefish and also tuna. Due to the size, it is also perfect for targetting freshwater species like aspius, big perch and pike. With a weight of 23g, the RockPop can be thrown over 60m distance, making it possible to fish spots where no other lure can come and catch fish who are out of reach of the other anglers! The eye of the lure where you connect the lure to the line and the eyes where the trebles are attached to, is made of 1 piece of metal. Therefore making it insanely strong and nearly impossible to break.

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Coltsniper Rock Pop 90F
Coltsniper Rock Pop 90F
Coltsniper Rock Pop 90F
Coltsniper Rock Pop 90F