S.T.C. (Shimano Travel Concept) brings you a world of possibilities! 

Do you love travelling and fishing in far-flung destinations around the world, but hate having to carry a bulky rod tube? Not only will most airlines today charge extra to check in these most cumbersome of luggage items but also usually, rod tubes are amongst the very last items to be delivered to a baggage hall. And despite bulk tubes have an uncanny habit of getting lost or left behind at several destinations, we fly aboard.  However, on more than one occasion an airline has refused to carry rod tubes on our flight, promising to deliver them to us the next day.

For many years now, people have been a huge fan of the various ranges of Shimano S.T.C. (Shimano Travel Concept) multi-piece fishing rods. Rods that pack easily into an average size travel bag, or safely out of sight in the boot of a car. Shimano S.T.C. rods are used on countless occasions fishing at numerous destinations around the world catching huge cod and halibut in Norway; sailfish and tuna throughout the tropics, along with hard pulling roosterfish, giant trevally, tarpon, permit and countless other hard fighting species.


As you would expect Shimano S.T.C. rods are built to the highest standard and specification, so much that in use you will find it impossible to differentiate their action, strength and ‘feel’ from that of traditional two-piece rods. Many of Shimano's regular travelling companions are also firm S.T.C. converts, and they can honestly say that in no occasion have they ever experienced or witnessed a rod breakage that could in anyway be attributed to the fact these rods consist of four, five or six individual sections.

Certainly, we have set a very high standard for the production of travel rods, and the most recent S.T.C. range is undoubtedly going to further consolidate the position in this rapidly growing sector of the tackle industry.


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