YASEI -  'Every rod tells a story'

Yasei roughly translated meaning “Wild” best describing the theatre in which we as anglers pit our wits against the predatory monsters we strive to capture. With the latest Yasei range, we truly enable you to be closer to every aspect or discipline of the sport. Catering for the humble Perca fluviatilis with the Yasei perch right through to the mighty Esox Lucius with the Yasei pike range. Offering rods that you can fick out a delicate shad on a small canal right through to throwing a serious swimbait on the legendry Baltic Sea.

The Yasei range was developed with input from all over Europe producing a unique range of rods to cater for every need, delivering affordable rods with some of the finest rod components known to the lure-angling world. The range is as diverse as the disciplines it allows you to accomplish from the finesse technique of dropshoting baits centimetres from the bottom through to grinding crankbaits over boulders we have the rod that will deliver your preferred technique. 



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