Shimano Anglers

Shimano utilise some of the best anglers in the business to not only test their product, but too also provide plenty of input in terms of producing new innovative tackle. We have anglers across all disciplines to cover specimen carp, match, specialist and sea angling. Within this website you will not only come across useful tips from these anglers, but you will also be able to keep up with their catches and other fishing related stories regarding them.

Shimano Tribal

Mike Dagnall, Jason mooney, David Fuidge, James Young, Jamie Londors, Karl Pitcher, Neil golden, Billy Flowers, Amanda dagnall, Mark Holmes, Andy Mulholland, Craig Randall, Ryan Tongue, Jamie Sykes, Jamie Wardle, Ellis brazier, Jake Pettit, Nathan price, Brian leamy, Lee pettit, Dave austin, Harry Oneil

Shimano Match

Nick Speed, Pat Cooper, Sean Cameron, Stewart Bracey, Mark Perkins

Shimano Predator

Matt Boast, Andy Mytton, Christian Jones

Shimano Saltwater

Dave Lewis