The new Aero XR competition reel

The Aero XR is a technically advanced match and feeder reel containing all of the attributes required by top competition anglers. These include an anti-reverse facility, lightweight CI4+ body and rotor, and advanced HAGANE gearing for peerless performance.

·         Purpose designed competition reel for match and feeder anglers

·         Lightweight design and rotation with HAGANE technology

·         Features anti-reverse facility for anglers who prefer to play fish by back-winding

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Competitive advantage

All of the reels balance perfectly with Shimano’s best Aero match and feeder rods, giving an enviable combination that offers a competitive advantage. With their super smooth waterproof drags and an additional anti-reverse facility, you can play fish directly off the drag when using stronger lines, by back-winding when using fine lines, or by using a combination of both.

Three sizes to cover all possibilities

The smallest 3000 size is perfect for all float fishing and close range feeder fishing, the mid-sized 4000 is ideal for larger float work or mid range feeder fishing and the largest 5000 size is ideal for longer feeder work or mid-range heavy feeder work. With a G-Free CI4+ body and rotor all models are remarkably light, with the 4000 size weighing only 250g, which is a noticeable reduction compared to competitor models of the same size. 

What's it like inside?

Inside the lightweight G-FREE CI4+ Body is a line-up of gearing technology that combines together to produce ultra smooth, ultra efficient winding performance. Part of this technology is SHIMANO SILENT DRIVE, a complete refinement of all internal components around the wormshaft gearing, leading to a whisper quiet, silky smooth operation, even under pressure. This complements the precision HAGANE GEAR and X-SHIP technology, reduces internal friction, and along with the Ci4+ Rotor maximises the lightweight rotation and low inertia start-up. 

No corners left uncut

Additional features include the best AR-C Cold Forged Aluminium spools, (including a spare spool) with a line reducer to reduce the line capacity of the reel. The larger 5000 model has an additional reducer for use with braid when feeder fishing at long range. Power is delivered by a very direct screw in handle and a metal line clip, that is strong and line-safe, reinforces the XR’s feeder fishing pedigree.   

Performance to match your aspirations

Visually, the understated ‘stealth-like’ looks of the Aero XR are stunning and combined with the advanced engineering technology can’t fail to inspire your confidence to perform at the highest level. Yet perhaps the best part of the Aero XR is the remarkable price. With competitors’ models costing up to twice as much, the Aero XR is perfect for anglers who use multiple made-up rod set-ups and want a matching combination throughout their rod choices.