TX Extreme 42in Landing Net

The TX Extreme Landing Net covers all situations including mobile, boat, bank and long reach situations. The super stiff put-in 3 section (2 + extension) handle matches Tribal carp rods for complete continuity. Landing nets might not be the most talked about items of tackle, but they should be when they are as good as the TX Extreme. If you want a top-of-the-range matching solution to your Tribal carp rods, the TX Extreme has it all. The fast taper two section push-in main handle comes with an additional extension section, which offers supreme versatility, and the stiff carbon arms, which push into an Alloy CNC produced heavy duty spreader block, maintain their rigidity, even when under pressure. The versatility and quality of the TX Extreme will be immediately obvious to you. The 3K reinforced carbon handle is poker stiff making your netting totally assured and it can be used in many ways. For boat fishing you can use one or two sections and from the bank you can add the extension gaining a further 76cm of reach - perfect for long hooklength Zig rigs. The net part is made from a soft-touch hardwearing fabric, with a fine mesh base for protection, and reduction in potential snagging, and has reinforced corners to reduce excessive wear. Shrink Wrap grips at the bottom of the larger sections ensure maximum grip, even when wet. For convenience, the net packs away into a 120cm bag, making transportation easy, especially if you prefer a mobile approach.


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TX Extreme 42in Landing Net