Aero Competition Landing Net Handle

Designed for competition fishing, the Aero Competition Landing Net Handle is a high quality carbon net handle that combines strength and stiffness with versatility and can be used at 2.90m and 4.00m lengths. Whilst a landing net handle isn't going to hook you any more fish, the use of a high quality one like the Aero Competition certainly makes netting easier, more assured and quicker. One of the biggest advantages of the Aero is its versatility as it can be used at two lengths. At its full 4m length it makes a great natural venue silver fish net and at 2.9m it is perfect for commercial match fisheries containing carp of all sizes. The impressive specifications of the Aero includes a Full Carbon cross wrap blank (not heavy, thick walled composite), which is stiff and strong, making it great for scooping large carp using the 2.90m length, when building a big weight, or reaching a bream at full 4.00m length on a shallow natural venue. Stainless Steel threads, which have been double pinned and glued, make sure this handle will never let you down when you need it most and both the 4m and 2.9m section have an anti-slip section to ensure increased grip when wet. If you are looking for a 'one-handle' solution for all of you fishing, on both commercial or natural venues, the Aero Competition is the wise choice.

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Aero Competition Landing Net Handle