This is the Ultegra XTE!

Feel it, Believe it!

The Ultegra XTE and XSE are based on Shimano’s best selling long range casting models and are set to redefine the mid-priced long range reel market. Containing many of Shimano’s leading ‘long cast’ technologies, in sleek monochromatic bodies, these reels exceed expectations and are set to become best sellers throughout Europe.

  • Redesigned version of Shimano’s best selling long range reel
  • HAGANE Gearing plus Infinity Drive, Silent Drive and lightweight CI4+ Body 
  • Remarkable value combining modern trends with advanced technology

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Value that’s impossible to ignore

Only Shimano has Super Slow Oscillation, which is reason enough for you to buy the Ultegra XTE and XSE. But consider all of the other technologies contained in these long range superstars and they are impossible to ignore. Not only will these reels enable you to cast further, they will also play fish better, last longer and look great on whatever rod you pair them with. If you are a carp angler and prefer dark ‘stealth-like’ colours go for the XTE, if you are a surfcaster, or prefer lighter colours, the ‘silver’ XSE should be your choice. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you have made a great decision.



What's it like inside?

Hidden inside the lightweight, rigid, CI4+ body of the Ultegra is a selection of Shimano’s most advanced technology. HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP combine with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive to deliver amazing smoothness and lightweight rotation. However, don’t be fooled. Put the Ultegra under pressure and it will produce all of the power you need, and more. And whilst the internal engineering is a work of art, it’s the casting performance that you will be buying this reel for.



The long range secret

The Super Slow 5 Oscillation generates amazingly smooth line lay that is proven to reduce friction and increase casting potential. But there are other features that contribute too. Rigid Cast reduces spool deflection at the moment of release during a cast and Parallel Body sends the line at the perfect angle towards the first guide. And as the line flows over the lip of the aluminium AR-C spool it ‘coils down’ to reduce friction. The result is casting brilliance never seen at such an affordable price.



No corners left uncut

A matching spare spool is also supplied, and to aid efficient line loading, the new Ultegra XTE/XSE is supplied with four spool reducers in 3500 and 10000 sizes. These fit securely onto the spool, work perfectly with braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines, and reduce the line capacity, enabling you to load exactly the correct amount of line required. An interesting fact is that the spool reduces are so lightweight they actually weigh less than the line they compensate for.



Feel it, Believe it!

To fully appreciate the new Ultegra you really do have to get your hands on one. You’ll immediately notice the lightweight construction, the modern understated graphics and the remarkable rotational smoothness. And don’t forget the Super Slow Oscillation that will give you spectacular casting performance. If you take your fishing seriously, Ultegra will give you the confidence to reach further than ever before.