Team Shimano wins 2017 World Carp Masters!

For the first time ever Shimano competed at the World Carp Masters in France. Station Nautique at Giffaumont was hosting Event City where registration took place and Lac De Der the lake where the competition took place. A magnificant lake which homes 30kg commons and plenty of 15+ kg fish. With 68 teams competing and a first place monster cheque of 25,000 GBP the World Carp Masters is one of the biggest tournaments in the world.

And it has been an historical week for Frank Wijnands, Jan Jaap Hiemstra and Gabriele Ceruti. After a long drive to France the three of them experienced a flying start when Ceruti drew a promising spot on swim 4. Full of confidence they started with the competition and already got rewarded during the first night. With an 11,9 kg fish they found themselves a head start. That said, the week was still long and anything could happen.

The second morning they already put two fish on the scoreboard and then ranked the number 1 position. During the week bigger catches were done by other competitors while the bigger fish stayed away from peg 4. Still with a total of four fishes the 5th position was held when the final night made it’s entrance. The difference between place 3 and 5 was only 1,5 kilo, meaning one fish could get them back on the podium. Then it all came together. Around 2AM the first bite of the night was there. A 12,7kg fish was recorded. They didn’t look at the scoreboard again but they knew this could be the fish taking them back to 3th place. At 6AM the alarm went off again and after a fifteen minute fight a 16 kg common carp was landed. With this fish they sealed the podium but as there were a lot of fish being caught overnight the exact place was still unknown. Recovering from the adrenaline rush again a screaming bait alarm. The marshals still in the swim witnessed the drill and after a few minutes the last fish of 11kg was recorded by the marshals.

The long wait started. Another team which was also competing for the prizes at that moment even lost a fish during the final minutes. Then the moment they’ve been waiting for was finally there. After sereval minutes of waiting the marshall showed up to congratulate Team Shimano with their win. Frank Wijnands:“The last night was one big thrill and we even didn’t dare to watch the scoreboard. We are over the moon with this victory. A dream came true.”

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