EFTTEX Award ‘Best New Reel’ 2017! - Twin Power XD

Last week the 36th edition of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) took place in Budapast, Hungary. During these three days approximately 2000 visitors attended at the show who all gave very positive reactions related to the new Shimano products. But the most credits were received by the new Twin Power XD spinning reel which was voted ‘Best New Fixed Spool Reel 2017’ by the people attending the show.

The Twin Power XD is developed for salt water spinning and made for ‘rough’ circumstances such as salt water, wind, dust, etc. Thanks to the new X Protect technology, the reel is suitable for these heavy conditions and even seven times more waterproof than a reel with Coreprotect. There are various models in the range, HG and XG, some feature an extra big handle knob for better grip. The extra heavy duty drag with carbon drag plates, in some cases has a max drag power of over 10kg.

However, the Twin Power XD is not a typical SW spinning reel like the Twinpower SW or Socorro is. It’s much lighter and has a MGL rotor which means this reel is most suitable for relatively light inshore fishing for species like seabass and bluefish, with small and medium sized lures. For the really heavy offshore spinning with big stickbaits and poppers, a typical reel from the SW series would be more suitable. --> Twin Power XD