Shimano introduces X-Store Concept throughout Europe

Shimano is implementing Shimano X-Stores throughout Europe. So far more than 160 stores have been build in Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Russia and South Africa and all dealers are very happy with the new presentation.

Gerard Bakkenes, Sr. Marketing Manager at Shimano Europe Fishing Holding explains why the company started with this concept:

“We want people to go into the shop where they can actually touch and feel the products and get a personal and professional advise from the retailer. Because a wide and complete assortment is available in the Shimano corner, displayed together, it will enable the retailer and consumer to easily find matching Shimano products to go with the item he/she is after. For consumers the purchasing decision will be easier, having a complete range of products to choose from and to actually touch and feel them.”

With the X-Store Concept Shimano offers a flexible and updatable in-store concept to create customer experience around the Shimano brand. The X-Store can be set up in different dimensions to adapt to the shop’s space. The range is pre-defined based on the dimensions of the Shimano X-Store. The focus is on Shimano rods, reels and lines and explain their wider technology features & benefits.

In the Shimano X-Store the focus is on benefits and the story of the products instead of price. With videos and information banners the features of the products are explained and the assortment is built in a clear way. This makes it much easier to compare products. Also products are not behind glass but the consumers can touch and feel them.

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