Shimano launches new class leading Biocraft XR


The Biocraft XR Fly rods are the most technologically advanced fly rods ever produced by Shimano and provide a remarkable combination of casting performance, fishing practicality and value. The full range covers all situations from ultra light nymphing through to Saltwater tuna fishing.

  • Biocraft XR is the most technically advanced fly rod ever produced by Shimano
  • A remarkable combination of casting performance, fishing practicality and value 
  • 25 models available to cover all fly fishing disciplines including saltwater fishing

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Light, responsive and perfectly finished

The Biocraft XR is a remarkable combination of carbon technology and angling knowledge. Pick one up and you’ll immediately understand the relationship. Light, responsive, perfectly finished, the Biocraft XR punches well above its price point and is a serious challenger to some of the ultra high priced American competitors. With 25 models in the range, there is something for everyone, from wand-like finesse actions through to saltwater powerhouses for the intrepid angler. Each one is an exquisite work of art, immediately becoming an extension of your arm by the water.



Astounding combination of exclusive Shimano carbon technology

At the heart of each Biocraft XR is an astounding combination of exclusive Shimano carbon technology, blended to achieve the perfect action for the rods application. The high modulus blanks feature HPC, Biofibre, Nanosheet and Diaflash in different blends. This combination results in lightness and finesse where it is required in the stream and lightweight models and controlling power and peerless casting performance in the powerful and double handed models. As an added advantage almost all of the models are 3 or 4 piece construction for reduced transport length. 

Shimano High Pressure Carbon is a process which creates stronger, more responsive blanks. Pressure is applied to the blank surface during curing (heating) which evenly distributes the resin through the carbon fibre matrix. The result is a much stronger, more consistent performance and improved responsive.

Shimano NANO carbon is a technology which is used to build rod blanks which are on average 35% stronger and 15% lighter than a conventional rod blank. The heart of a NANO rod blank is made of a NANO carbon sheet. This sheet has a special weave which allows to use a low amount of resin which is spread into very small (nano) particles throughout the sheet. This creates the lightness, strength and responsiveness in the blank.

DIAFLASH is a reinforced structure that prevents twisting of the butt section in situations where high-intensity is applied, for example during casting and fighting with fish. Due to the effect of DIAFLASH it becomes possible to convey the pulling power of the angler to the target fish while minimizing the loss of energy by flexing of the butt section.

By applying a special surface treatment, Shimano succeeded in making natural cork more durable. Power cork is tactile, ergonomic, lightweight and attractive yet it will not absorb moisture, bacteria and degrade or age cosmetically. Being washable it will last for years and still look like new.

Biocraft XR – Born To Fly!

As you would expect from a premium rod, fittings are of the highest order and have been selected for their performance characteristics. Seaguide and Fuji SIC guides ensure lightness combined with strength, Seaguide reel seats blend perfectly with the traditional cork handles and every rod comes with a velvet bag and a hardcase carry tube.  

Of course to fully appreciate the Biocraft XR you’ll have to get your hands on one and give it a test. Then, and only then, will you fully appreciate the stunning performance delivered by a rod that in some cases costs half the price of its competitors.

 Available in 25 models covering all fly fishing disciplines.